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Yield Enhancing Products
IMAC products are custom made and we strive to cater to our all of customer's requirements. Upon their request, we have come up with four such products that will definitely improve their bottom line and elevate the overall quality of the product.


A flowchart of the cheesemaking process and the respective IMAC yield enhancing product stages.

Product No. 1: Milk Silo Culture

IMAC Milk Silo Culture is patented performing enhancing culture for use in milk silos, and is used as part of a plant's total quality management (TQM). The product increases the yields of cheese and enhances the quality of cheese and whey by employing a two prong approach: a bacterial system and an enzymatic system that reduce both phages and microbial contaminants. IMAC has conducted research studies in Oxford England that have demonstrated the degradation of proteins by 0.08% and fats by 0.06% in milk in less than 24 hours in the milk silo. Using the Van Slyke Formula, a particle analysis showed a loss of U.S. $1,001,207 per year for a plant processing one million pounds per day. Conversely, IMAC’s Milk Silo Cultures have shown to significantly stop the degradation of milk nutrients in silos. Milk Silo Cultures are legal and it conforms to FDA and USDA regulations. For more information on these cultures, click here.

Product No. 2: IMAC Enhance

IMAC Enhance is a Secondary Starter Medium used in cheese vats. Exceptionally easy to make, it can be done as a batch process or continuous HTST process, and made at 15-20% solids and used at 1-3% in the vat. The media greatly enhances the flavor, quality and yields of cheese by the optimal retention of milk ingredients in the cheese. These enhanced properties also result in a longer shelf life of the finished product. Enhance Media is made of enzyme treated milk and corn solids, is legal and conforms to USDA and FDA regulations. Customers in California, Wisconsin, and New York have been using this product for over a decade with great success.For more information on Enhance and other functionality supplements, click here.

Product No. 3: MJF Cultures

MJF is a performance enhancing culture used in the cheese vat at the time of filling the vat with milk. It greatly improves the quality of cheese at the time of baking by reducing browning and increasing stretch with optimum sheen and oiling. MJF is packaged in 130ml culture cans and contain bacterial and enzymatic systems. It is legal and conforms to FDA and USDA regulations, and is being used industrywide to great acclaim and results. For more information on MJF and other functionality supplements, click here.

Product No. 4: Functional Anti-Caking Agent

IMAC Anti-Caking Agents are made of natural and wholesome food-based ingredients that are free of allergens. Our agents are less dusty compared to cellulose, can be used at more than 2% without a moldy appearance, and will not settle down in the bag. Furthermore, it has a dual effect — anti-caking as well as improved cheese performance when baked on the pie. It is less expensive, conforms to USDA and FDA regulations, and customers worldwide have been using this product for a long time with tremendous success and satisfaction. For more information on our Anti-Caking product line, click here.


Examples of pizza bake performance with and without IMAC Anti-Caking Agents.

Customers using the above products within their process are greatly satisfied with their performance, and we encourage you to take advantage of these products and see the merit for yourself. For further inquiries please call Venkat Mantha at (303) 337-4028 x112 or send an email at

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