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Cultures and Starters
American Cheese Cultures and Starter Media
Italian Cheese Cultures and Starter Media
Spanish Cheese Cultures and Starter Media
Soft Dairy and Swiss Cheese Cultures
Functionality Supplements (ENHANCE Secondary Starter)
Milk Silo Culture
Anti-Caking Agents
Starter Flavor Culture Powder for Grated Cheeses
Co-Pack and Private Label

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Co-Pack and Private Label


IMAC's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Sabetha, Kansas.

IMAC owns and operates ten manufacturing centers throughout the United States, with over one million square feet of production and warehousing space. Services include spray-drying, condensing, and evaporating; re-constitution, custom blending, research and development. We are highly adept at handling any kind of dairy product, and are also recognized leaders in the production of soy beverage bases and soy powders.

For more information regarding co-pack and private label manufacturing, please feel free to contact us.

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