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Cultures and Starters
American Cheese Cultures and Starter Media
Italian Cheese Cultures and Starter Media
Spanish Cheese Cultures and Starter Media
Soft Dairy and Swiss Cheese Cultures
Functionality Supplements (ENHANCE Secondary Starter)
Milk Silo Culture
Anti-Caking Agents
Starter Flavor Culture Powder for Grated Cheeses
Co-Pack and Private Label

Consulting, Training and Technical Support


International Media and Cultures was founded in 1982 by Mali Reddy, Ph.D. From its modest start in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Reddy's vision has always been to create a research driven, highly technical company that is dedicated to producing quality, custom-tailored products for use in the dairy and food industries.

Since its inception, IMAC has now grown to ten manufacturing plants in seven states, with more than two hundred and fifty employees. The company has created a hallmark in innovation, having been awarded more than one hundred and fifty patents for its products and manufacturing process. The company has affiliate operations in India, Europe and has most recently gained foothold in the emerging Latin American markets. The company has even branched outside the cheese industry, exploring new applications of soy, probiotics, and even bio-animal feeds for the dairy, beef, poultry and aquaculture industries.

Imac Headquarters Denver, CO

Above: Imac World Headquarters in Denver, Colorado

Below: Imac U.S. Production Facilities

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