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Spanish Cheese Cultures and Starter Media
Do you have the following concerns with your products?

• Do you find variations in your cheese yields from day to day?
• Is your fresh cheese (Queso or Fresca varieties) oozing liquids and getting soggy in either the packaging or storage?
• Is the pH going down on your fresh cheese during storage?
• Do you have pinholes or gas problems in your fresh cheese?
• Is your Spanish-style cream losing freshness in less than a week?
• Is the pH dropping enough, and are you getting good flavor with direct sets for Cotija, Chihuahua and Quesadilla varieties?
• Are you encountering spoilage bacteria and/or yeast and molds in your cheese, especially during storage?

If you share any or all of these concerns, then IMAC's influential line of Spanish Cheese Cultures and Starters hold the solution. IMAC's Spanish Style products have enjoyed tremendous success since its introduction, with several millions of pounds of Spanish style cheeses made in the U.S. and Europe.

Spanish Cultures
AP Culture - A mild, attenuated lactic culture with enzymes. AP is primarily used in Spanish style cheeses like Queso or Fresca varieties. It prevents softening of cheese (mushiness) within its packaging caused by excessive protein breakdown. AP also prevents synersis, or the collection of whey between the cheese and its packaging material. AP is a starter culture that can provide protection from pathogenic and spoilage-causing bacterial strains.

Note: In terms of label declaration, the AP Culture can be declared as a "starter culture."

CAC - For Spanish-style sour cream, CAC also contains attenuated lactic acid producing bacteria, which aids in preserving the inherent freshness of the cream. This in turn provides longer shelf-life for the cream product.

Instant Vat Set Cultures (IVS) - IVS Thermophilic - Contains both coccus and rod bacteria in a highly-concentrated form, used to make Cotija style cheese. Not only does this culture provide a constant pH, but it also imparts excellent flavor to the cheese on a consistent basis.

Instant Vat Set Cultures (IVS) - IVS Mesophilic - Contains mesophilic lactic acid producing bacteria in a highly-concentrated form, used to make Chihuahua and Quesadilla style cheeses. Makes an excellent quality cheese without any slowness in the vat.

Instant Vat Set Cultures (IVS) - IVS Yogurt - Contains both coccus and rod bacteria in a highly-concentrated form, used to make a milder yogurt with less acidity. Yields high-quality, on-time yogurt consistently that also has impressive shelf-life.

Flavor Enhancer - Consists of flavor producing cultures and select enzymes. This product significantly improves the inherent flavors of Cotija, Quesadilla and Chihuahua style cheeses in a much shorter period of time.

Milk Silo Culture - Patented mixed cultures combine with enzymes to protect raw milk in dairy silos. Studies have shown that raw milk treated with Milk Silo Culture will remain fresher than untreated raw milk for up to 72 hours. Even if the milk is not held for over 24 hours in the silo, Milk Silo Culture has been shown to protect a significant amount of the proteins and fat, which directly contributes to the yield of the finished cheese. To learn more about Milk Silo Culture, please click here.

• Spanish-Style Bacterial Cultures 
•100-101, Milk Silo Culture
•900-100, AP Culture - Culture for Queso or Fresca-style cheeses
•900-102, CAC - Culture for Spanish-style sour cream
•900-106A, Instant Vat Set (IVS) Thermophilic - Culture for Cotija-style cheese
•900-106B, Instant Vat Set (IVS) Mesophilic - Culture for Quesadilla and Chihuahua-style cheese
•900-106C, Instant Vat Set (IVS) Yogurt - Culture for Spanish-style, milder yogurts
•900-106A, Flavor Enhancer - Culture for improving the inherent flavors of Cotija, Quesadilla and Chihuahua style cheeses
•900-500, Specialty - Custom Cultures

All Spanish-style and IVS cultures are Kosher approved and labeled, and are tested for purity and bacteriological safety by a United States Government Certified Laboratory. The cultures are then shipped by air express in styrofoam insulated, corrugated containers with dry ice, complete with signed and verified Certificates of Analysis and tracking numbers for traceability.

Spanish Starter Media (ELIMINATE)
IMAC ELIMINATE INTERNAL and ERADICATE INTERNAL Starter Media has been designed specifically for the Spanish market. When used with IMAC Spanish-style cultures, ELIMINATE and ERADICATE INTERNAL Starter Media provides both the optimal growth environment for the starter bacteria as well as an impenetrable barrier of defense from phage and other viral pathogens. Our patented use of hydrocolloids in the media serve the dual purpose of a) improving the functionality of the final cheese product, and more importantly b) increasing the final yield by permitting higher moistures.

ELIMINATE INTERNAL is specially designed to grow coccus, or grow coccus and rod together. It is specially designed to retain moisture and thus improves both yields an flavor. ERADICATE INTERNAL is a lactic culture media with improved growth potential for cultures used in the manufacture of Chihuahua and Quesadilla-style cheeses. External neutralizers are not needed for either ELIMINATE or ERADICATE INTERNAL media, which improves the employee manufacturing environment. It is this faultless level of protection and performance which earned IMAC ELIMINATE and ERADICATE INTERNAL international acclaim as high quality and profitable Starter Media.

IMAC has also created a landmark secondary starter system, IMAC ENHANCE, formulated to improve the efficiency and profitability of Spanish-style manufacturing operations. To learn more about IMAC ENHANCE, please click here.

• Spanish-Style Starter Media 
•600-100, ELIMINATE Internal - Whey based, buffered starter media (Eliminates Phage!)
•400-102, ERADICATE Internal - Milk based, buffered starter media
•500-100, ENHANCE Secondary Starter

IMAC ELIMINATE and ERADICATE INTERNAL are manufactured in IMAC's state of the art, USDA/ FDA approved spray drying/ blending facilities in Nebraska and Kansas, where strict guidelines and process control ensure a pasteurized, yeast/ mold/ pathogen-free growth media for our customers. As with the starter cultures, all powders released from IMAC are Laboratory Certified and Kosher approved. Powders are packed into 60lb. poly-lined, moisture proof bags and are labeled for tracking and traceability. All pallets are delivered wrapped, sealed, and with a shroud for protection.

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