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Milk Silo Culture
Percentages rule in the dairy industry- even the slightest decrease of protein or fat percentages in milk can amount to yearly losses exceeding millions of dollars or pounds. Losses incurred during processing may seem infinitesimal on a daily basis, but when calculated annually, can add up to substantial figures. With this in mind, IMAC has developed biotechnological solutions for the maintenance and storage of the raw materials used in the dairy industry.

IMAC MILK SILO CULTURE is a bacterial and enzymatic culture system which serves to suppress phage and psychrotrophic bacteria which cause spoilage in raw silo milk. This is accomplished by our MILK SILO CULTURE’s unique blend of thermophilic and mesophilic bacteria strains, coupled with the addition of oxidizing enzymes. The added bacteria Streptococcus lactis and Streptococcus cremoris are known to produce an inherent source of hydrogen peroxide which is proven to adversely control the growth of psychrotrophic spoilage organisms. The enzymatic system makes the protein and fat components of the milk inaccessible to the remaining spoilage bacteria found in the silo, thereby inhibiting their growth. The final result of the application of our MILK SILO CULTURE is clean, untainted milk which is ready to give optimum performance and yields because protein, fat, and sugar degradation has been drastically reduced by the suppression of spoilage organisms. The MILK SILO CULTURE bacteria and enzymes are destroyed upon pasteurization, making the milk ready for optimum use. These results have been scientifically proven by means of particle sizing by laser diffraction, which demonstrated that casien and whey protein degradation by psychrotrophs were significantly controlled in milk that was treated with MILK SILO CULTURE and left at room temperature for 48 hours!
Please click here view laser diffraction particle sizing data for MILK SILO CULTURE TRIALS (UK) and data results conducted on MILK SILO CULTURE.

The technological and economic benefits of the use of our MILK SILO CULTURE cannot be understated, and because of this IMAC fully endorses its use as a standard for the dairy industry. By controlling the spoilage of milk in the silo, savings can be made in terms of storage and refrigeration costs, the risk of soured milk is all but eliminated, and the maintained protein percentages means that the dairies which use MILK SILO CULTURE are getting the maximum yield out of their purchased milk. Our MILK SILO CULTURE is also designed for the storage of cream and whey, where phenomenal results in both yield and quality have been reported.

All MILK SILO CULTURE products are Kosher approved and labeled, and are tested for purity and bacteriological safety by a United States Government Certified Laboratory. The cultures are then shipped by air express in styrofoam insulated, corrugated containers with dry ice, complete with signed and verified Certificates of Analysis and tracking numbers for traceability.

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