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Italian Cheese Cultures and Starter Media
Italian Cultures (TEMP-LAC)
IMAC's TEMP-LAC, a thermophilic Starter Culture line, are currently in heavy use in the United States and United Kingdom for the production of Mozzarella and Italian type cheeses. TEMP-LAC cultures function by means of a specially formulated ratio of defined starter bacteria and a fail-safe growth medium, which allows for optimum growth, flavor development, and pH management. Our innovative production and freezing processes permit for the maximum levels of cell concentrations and strain activity.

Cultures for Mozzarella and other varieties of Italian cheeses primarily utilise the services of two bacterium: Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. These bacteria determine the stretch, flavour, consistency and cook of the final Italian cheese product. With the commercial popularity of Italian foods growing exponentially every year, it has become essential for Italian cheese companies to look to the future for increased yields, performance, and product integrity.

IMAC has specialized in the production of custom-tailored Italian Bulk and Direct Set Cultures and Italian Starter Media; Our ELIMINATE EUROPE Starter Media and MINI JUMBO (MJ) Cultures have been specially made for the European Mozzarella markets which utilize multi-phase standardization cheesemaking techniques. Since IMAC's foundation is based in research, we are able to make our customer's products meet the demands of the ever-changing dairy industry. IMAC cultures and media have developed an international reputation for exceptional performance, with many cheeses made with our products winning several international awards. IMAC's commitment to scientific innovation in its products has helped contribute to the massive progress and success of the Mozzarella and Italian Cheese industries today.

• TEMP-LAC Bacterial Cultures 
•900-112, TEMP-LAC (TL201-TL215) - Series of mixed strains for Mozzerella and other Italian varieties
•900-700, Mozzarella Flavor Starter Culture - Spray dried culture for direct application
•900-720, Ricotta Flavor Starter Culture - Spray dried culture for direct application
•900-109, Brineguard - Unique culture that retards the growth of unwanted bacteria, yeasts and molds in brine solutions. Highly useful in Mozzarella and other brine involved cheese operations
•900-105, Helvolac - Strains of Lactobacillus used to reduce browning and improve melting for Mozzarella, Provolone, and Parmesean cheeses
•900-106A, IVS- Instant Vat-Set Cultures - IVS Italian
•900-111, SS - Secondary starter culture strain for cheese production
•900-500, Specialty - Custom Cultures

All TEMP-LAC cultures are Kosher approved and labeled, and are tested for purity and bacteriological safety by a United States Government Certified Laboratory. The cultures are then shipped by air express in styrofoam insulated, corrugated containers with dry ice, complete with signed and verified Certificates of Analysis and tracking numbers for traceability.

Italian Starter Media (ELIMINATE)
IMAC ELIMINATE Starter Media has been designed specifically for the Italian market and thermophilic bacteria cultures. When used with TEMP LAC thermophilic cultures, ELIMINATE Starter Media provides both the optimal growth environment for the TL bacteria as well as an impenetrable barrier of defense from phage and other viral pathogens. Our patented use of hydrocolloids in the media serve the dual purpose of a) improving the functionality of the final cheese product, and more importantly b) increasing the final yield by permitting higher moistures. It is this faultless level of protection and performance which earned IMAC ELIMINATE international acclaim as high quality and profitable Starter Media.

IMAC has also created a landmark secondary starter system, IMAC ENHANCE, formulated to improve the efficiency and profitability of Mozzerella manufacturing operations. To learn more about IMAC ENHANCE, please click here.

• ELIMINATE Starter Media 
•600-100, ELIMINATE Internal - Whey based (Eradicates Phage!) - buffered starter ideally suited for the production of thermophilics such as Mozzarella, Provolone, Romano, Parmesean, and other Italian cheese varieties
•600-102, ELIMINATE Internal - Milk based
•600-200, ELIMINATE External - Whey based, non-buffered variation
•600-202, ELIMINATE External - Milk based
•600-203, ELIMINATE Super - Used with higher percent solids such as a traditional non-fat dry milk starter
•500-100, ENHANCE Secondary Starter

IMAC ELIMINATE is manufactured in IMAC's state of the art, USDA/ FDA approved spray drying/ blending facilities in Nebraska and Kansas, where strict guidelines and process control ensure a pasteurized, yeast/ mold/ pathogen-free growth media for our customers. As with the starter cultures, all powders released from IMAC are Laboratory Certified and Kosher approved. Powders are packed into 60lb. poly-lined, moisture proof bags and are labeled for tracking and traceability. All pallets are delivered wrapped, sealed, and with a shroud for protection.

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