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IMAC Functionality Supplements
In order to meet the demands for a high output, consistent, year round cheese product and to aid the cheesemaker in doing so, IMAC has developed a line of cheese functionality supplement products. The media and cultures found in this line have been designed to significantly improve the flavors, moisture retention, and overall functionality of the final cheese product. This is accomplished by naturally amplifying the performance of the existing starter systems, much like a high performance automobile uses fuel treatments to work optimally in different weather conditions. IMAC’s Functionality Supplements therefore permit optimum and consistent performance in different, challenging environments.

IMAC ENHANCE Secondary Starter
IMAC ENHANCE is a secondary starter system designed to augment and strengthen the flavor and functionality of the existing starter components. By employing a unique blend of complimentary bacteria, nutrients, stimulants, and enzymes, IMAC ENHANCE Starter Cultures and Media boosts the performance of the existing starter almost tenfold. By tuning the starter system to be super-efficient, the ENHANCE starter system permits for significantly increased yields.

IMAC’s ENHANCE Media creates a complimentary and super-efficient cheesemaking environment that not only makes helps make consistent cheese, it simply makes more cheese, period. Increases by as much as 1.5% in cheese yields have been reported by ENHANCE system users: when used at 1.5-2.0% addition in the vat, customers have recorded an increase of ten percent of the existing yields. In essence a standard plant processing 1,000,000 lbs of milk per day with 10% yields will get 100,000 lbs of cheese, but with ENHANCE Media, the same quality cheese will be made at an output of 110,000 lbs, the difference being 10,000 lbs of additional cheese per day.

•500-100, Enhance Secondary Starter - Formulated to improve the efficency and profitability of Mozzerella manufacturing operations

IMAC ENHANCE is manufactured in IMAC's state of the art, USDA/ FDA approved spray drying/ blending facilities in Nebraska and Kansas, where strict guidelines and process control ensure a pasteurized, yeast/ mold/ pathogen-free growth media for our customers. As with the starter cultures, all powders released from IMAC are Laboratory Certified and Kosher approved. Powders are packed into 60lb. poly-lined, moisture proof bags and are labeled for tracking and traceability. All pallets are delivered wrapped, sealed, and with a shroud for protection.

IMAC Mini Jumbo Cultures
IMAC's Mini Jumbo (MJ) Cultures are functionality supplements made only for Mozzarella and other pasta filata type Italian cheeses. Since stretch, blistering, and colour are all premium characteristics in the production of Mozzarella and other Italian cheeses, IMAC formulated its MJ Cultures to ensure that all of these factors are expressed to their highest functionality. Designed to be added directly to the vat, the MJ cultures are an easy and economical way to maximize and enhance the functionality of the final cheese product. These cultures have found a niche in high-volume cheese production, where application of the MJ units have reduced production downtime and product rejection by means of improved overall quality and performance. These cultures are almost a standard for high moisture pizza cheeses, and we cannot recommend them highly enough to our customers.

TEMP-LAC Bacterial Cultures 
•900-111, SS - Secondary starter culture strain for cheese production

All MINI JUMBO cultures are Kosher approved and labeled, and are tested for purity and bacteriological safety by a United States Government Certified Laboratory. The cultures are then shipped by air express in styrofoam insulated, corrugated containers with dry ice, complete with signed and verified Certificates of Analysis and tracking numbers for traceability.

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