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Consulting and Training
IMAC’s foundations have been built upon nearly two decades of research and development, and our dedication to developing new and better advancements for the dairy industry is a credo we will continue to carry on into the 21st century. With over 50 years of combined research experience, hundreds of scientific publications, and over 100 U.S. and International patents under our belt, IMAC offers one of the deepest and most reliable sources for consulting and product development available.

Technical problems will always persist in the dairy business- after all, unlike other industries where manufacturing is cut and dry with static raw materials, the dairy industry differs in that its base is milk, which is in itself a living entity which changes its properties every second. So there will always be variables when using milk, and changes in production and preparation must be made accordingly in order to maximize the performance of the raw materials. For the past twenty years, IMAC and it’s parent company ADFAC (American Dairy and Food Consulting Labs, est. 1980), have helped dairies maximize their outputs and increase their quality by proffering consulting and support in cheesemaking, milk preparation/ standardization, storage techniques, and even entirely new systems. In 1990 IMAC/ ADFAC jointly patented a new system of mozzarella cheesemaking which utilized unique milk acidification processes in order to maximize protein uptake in the cheese matrix. This revolutionary system is now applied with tremendous success in the United Kingdom, accounting for a majority of mozzarella sales in the UK.

Our consulting and scientific experience doesn’t stop with cheesemaking only- we have also assisted our clients in the areas of whey and effluent treatment, either minimizing cleanup costs or even creating entire secondary, value added product lines from dairy by-products. Our consulting services are also available for legal research, as we have extensive legal resources and experience concerning Codes of Federal Regulations, FDA laws and bylaws, Genetically Modified Foods, and EPA Standards.

Long considered the foremost specialist in the world on Starter Technologies, Dr.M.S. Reddy, IMAC founder and President, has taught thousands of students and technicians for nearly 35 years in the art of starter bacteriology and microbiology. His starter courses, along with those proffered by the IMAC/ ADFAC staff, are long sought out by dairies and universities worldwide, and are revered for their effectiveness, thoroughness, and overall simplicity. In an industry being overrun by automated technologies, the teaching of dairy fundamentals has become a necessity and a point of urgency- cheese quality can be significantly increased, and causes of production downtime can be drastically decreased by simply educating staff members with basic dairy fundamentals and techniques. Students of Dr. Reddy’s Starter Courses cannot find enough superlatives to describe the courses, which are laced with both clever humor and up-to-date research findings. Classes from one to three days can be arranged on-site or at our teaching facilities in beautiful Denver, Colorado.

With so much experience in production, consulting, and training, IMAC’s technical support staff are qualified to handle any situation, anywhere in the world. IMAC backs and guarantees its products 100% against defects, and any IMAC product displaying defective aspects, production flaws or problems will be rectified immediately, and replaced with no cost. We are able to address situations both from our sites as well as on-site, with personalized hands on, one-to-one technical support. Clients can also arrange for visits to our production facilities, where they can see first-hand the production and process control of their orders. Current developments include an online technical support web site, and ISO 9002 accreditation for all worldwide facilities. Our success is built upon the successes of our clientele, and we guarantee our support for their business and integrity.

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