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American Cheese Cultures and Starter Media
American Cultures (MESO-LAC)
For the production of cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese and other American cheese varieties, IMAC has developed a line of high quality mesothermic starter products tailored for specific markets.

Mesotherms are bacteria strains that are most efficient at mid range temperatures. The unique properties of the mesophilic bacteria Streptococcus lactis and Streptococcus cremoris help develop the distinct, sharp flavours and textures of both European and American cheddars, as well as other American cheese varieties.

IMAC has established twelve defined strain cultures of these mesothermic bacteria under the MESO-LAC product line. MESO-LAC cultures come in both bulk and direct-set culture units, and have been selected specifically through research and plant proven production.

• MESO-LAC Bacterial Cultures 
•900-107, MESO-LAC (ML1-ML12) - Series of mixed strains for Cheddar, Feta, American, Cottage Cheese
•900-108, MESO-LAC BM - Series of mixed strains for production of buttermilk
•900-109, MESO-LAC SC - Series of mixed strains for production of sour cream
•900-106B, IVS- Instant Vat-Set Cultures - IVS American
•900-500, Specialty - Custom Cultures

All MESO-LAC cultures are Kosher approved and labeled, and are tested for purity and bacteriological safety by a United States Government Certified Laboratory. The cultures are then shipped by air express in styrofoam insulated, corrugated containers with dry ice, complete with signed and verified Certificates of Analysis and tracking numbers for traceability.

American Starter Media (ERADICATE)
For the use of MESO-LAC bulk-set cultures, IMAC has developed a corresponding starter media, IMAC ERADICATE. ERADICATE has been specially formulated from whey, milk, and other food-grade elements in order to facilitate optimum mesophile growth. What distances ERADICATE from other mesophilic starter media is proven higher levels of activity and better holdover activity, and its ability to prevent phage development. In addition to being technically innovative, ERADICATE’s efficiency contributes to substantial economic savings. Whereas conventional media is used at 9-10% solids, ERADICATE is applied at 7% solids. This translates into the highest performance on the cheddar and American cheese market at an incredible savings.

Although specifically designed to work with MESO-LAC cultures, ERADICATE can also be used with other commercially available frozen/ concentrated mesophilic cultures. But for optimum performance, we highly recommend the use of MESO-LAC cultures with ERADICATE media as they together formulate the most efficient, technological, and profitable mesophilic starter system in the dairy industry today.

• ERADICATE Starter Media 
•400-100, ERADICATE Internal - Whey based (Eradicates Phage!) - buffered starter ideally suited for the production of mesothilics such as Cheddar, Feta, Monterey Jack, Colby, Gouda, Edam and Cottage Cheese varieties
•400-102, ERADICATE Internal - Milk based
•400-200, ERADICATE External - Whey based, non-buffered variation
•400-202, ERADICATE External - Milk based

IMAC ERADICATE is manufactured in IMAC's state of the art, USDA/ FDA approved spray drying/ blending facilities in Nebraska and Kansas, where strict guidelines and process control ensure a pasteurized, yeast/ mold/ pathogen-free growth media for our customers. As with the starter cultures, all powders released from IMAC are Laboratory Certified and Kosher approved. Powders are packed into 60lb. poly-lined, moisture proof bags and are labeled for tracking and traceability. All pallets are delivered wrapped, sealed, and with a shroud for protection.

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